The new tactical GPS multisport smartwatch Garmin tactix 7 is the right companion for every mission, whether in the gym, hiking, or parachute landing. The robust 51mm watch, tested according to military standard MIL-STD-810G, is water-resistant to 10 ATM with its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, black titanium bezel with DLC coating, and titanium case back with PVD coating and is therefore up to any challenge. The 1.4'' transflective display, which can also be read with night vision goggles, and a special multi-LED flashlight are ideal for day and night use. To make operation even more user-friendly, In addition to the well-known 5-button operation that works in any environment, Garmin also integrates a fast-reacting touch display. This allows the extensive health, training, and navigation functions to be controlled more intuitively. Thanks to special tactical and aviation operations, the watch should not be missing in any tactical equipment. The impressive battery life, which is even longer in the solar models, allows you to concentrate fully on your activity without wasting time on charging.

Thanks to global satellite systems, the Garmin tactix 7 series brings adventurers safely to any destination (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO). In addition, thanks to multi-frequency reception, the watch enables precise route recording even in areas where the GPS signals are reflected or weak - such as in urban canyons or mountain valleys. ABC sensors ensure even better orientation and exact navigation on the preinstalled TopoActive Europe maps. Map material for other regions from all over the world can be downloaded directly onto the watch free of charge via WLAN. Ski and golf fans will also be delighted with the preinstalled SkiView maps, including piste information, cross-country ski trails, and more than 42,000 full-color golf course maps.

The tactix 7 series is ready for all-day or night operations. Last but not least, the night vision mode and the integrated LED flashlight, which provides a better perspective and safety with its green and white light, support this. Both functions can also be used with night vision goggles. The dual position format (UTM and MRGS) also ensures reliable situational awareness. The Garmin tactix 7 series is equipped with stealth mode to ensure movement under the radar, which no longer stores or shares the GPS position and disables wireless connectivity and communication. If the worst comes to the worst, the entire user memory can be deleted using the kill switch function at the push of a button.

Skydivers will appreciate the Jumpmaster feature, which assists in navigating to the target after deploying the parachute following military guidelines. In addition, pilots benefit from the direct-to-navigation function, which can be used to navigate directly to an airport in the worldwide aviation database or to the nearest airport. In addition, they can access flight weather to see current conditions right on their wrist.

The tactix 7 Pro Solar Ballistic also has an Applied Ballistic function that calculates the corrections for long shots. It is integrated into the AB ecosystem and compatible with Garmin's AB Synapse app.

Designed for all-day use, the tactix 7 series comes with Garmin's total 24/7 health and fitness features. Fitness and outdoor fans get meaningful insights into their health thanks to heart rate measurement on the wrist, respiratory rate, stress level and oxygen saturation measurement, extended sleep analysis, health snapshot, and the body battery. More than 60 preinstalled sports and outdoor apps also accompany you in your sporting activities - from running and mountain biking to HIIT and tennis to windsurfing and kitesurfing. Extensive performance data help to optimize the training in the long term. The Stamina function can prevent premature exhaustion, while the PacePro or ClimbPro function helps with running or cycling allocate the load correctly based on the track characteristics. Detailed information on stress focus, VO2max, training effects taking into account altitude and heat acclimatization, and recommendations on training and recovery time also help to increase your own fitness in the long term. The safety and tracking functions ensure carefree training for all activities: accident detection can be triggered manually – or automatically for selected outdoor activities – after that the current location is shared with predefined emergency contacts. Using LiveTrack, the position can also be shared with others in real-time via a connected smartphone. Training effects taking into account altitude and heat acclimatization and recommendations for training and recovery time, also help increase your fitness in the long term.

In everyday adventures, the tactix 7 series supports you with its sporty, rough design and its intelligent regular functions, thanks to robust materials. Garmin Pay enables contactless payment, and Garmin Music provides entertainment on the go with storage space directly on the watch and compatibility with streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music or DeezerSmart notifications deliver incoming calls, messages, calendar reminders, or weather information directly to the wrist. Garmin Connect - Garmin's free platform compatible with Android and iOS, which can be used to analyze training progress, create training plans, or plan routes - significantly expands the range of functions of the smartwatch.

The series also comes with a significantly longer battery life. The tactix 7 Standard Edition offers a battery life of up to four weeks in smartwatch mode. Thanks to advances in solar technology, the tactix 7 Pro Solar can even boast a battery life of up to 37 days in smartwatch mode and 122 hours in GPS mode.


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