A Dacia Dokker Camper may be the best option for those looking for a vehicle with which to go on a getaway, which in turn is cheap -the Dacia Dokker is very cheap - and, above all, that allows customers to quench their thirst for adventure.

With camperization, endless opportunities open up and that is why today we have chosen the Dacia Dokker Camper to prove it. The first thing you should know is that it is possible to turn your van into a kind of house on wheels thanks to various businesses that are dedicated to offering equipment kits.

One that has reached our consideration is that of the Camperiz, which offers you several features depending on your needs; In all of them, of course, there is no lack of a bed with a set of mattresses, jugs of water for food use and several drawers, but it is also possible to add a portable kitchen, an outdoor shower and a gas stove. 

Also, the Dacia Dokker Camper that 'Camperiz', a specialist in camper van equipment, has created together with the official Dacia dealer in the province of Burgos seems to us a great option. The conversion begins with the Dacia Dokker Stepway Limited Edition version with a 95 hp Blue dCi engine.

Then it has the basic equipment, which is made up of several modules that add to the vehicle, for example, a stainless steel washbasin with an automatic tap, clean and dirty water tank with 10 litres of capacity, portable gas cooker, removable drawer with a 55-litre capacity, 50-litre rear, several storage areas, ISOTHERM refrigerator with 30-litre capacity and digital display, 12-volt socket, double USB socket for charging and an 80-amp AGM auxiliary battery, as well as the mattresses, LED interior lights and 9-layer thermal insulators. 

In this particular case, for 16,900 euros you will have everything you need to start living new experiences aboard your Dacia Dokker Camper. But also, if you want to go a step further, you can do so by adding other extras that will make you a professional camper. 

For 990 euros you can add static heating, incorporating a chemical toilet with a pressure system and level indication will cost you 90 euros and you can also add a bicycle rack, with capacity for two bicycles, for 590 euros, or a trunk for the roof for 290 euros. 

That is, with all the extras the total price would be around 20,100 euros. Isn't that tempting? 

@via Dacia Doker.


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