For many of us, winter is the most difficult time of the year. To get through the winter well, or at least survive it, all you've got is barricading yourself at home with Netflix and a hot chocolate.

Thanks to the wise advice of my shrink that I started to put in place solutions to live better in winter. Would you like to get through this season more easily? I will explain to you what I have put in place to avoid excessive fatigue, depression and various minor ailments.

1 - Rest and take care of yourself!

In many areas, we tend to ignore the rhythm of the seasons. This is true for food: the most obvious example being the presence of tomatoes on supermarket shelves all year round ... But it is also true for our rhythms of life.

In winter, your body asks you to rest: what if you give it what it wants, rather than tell it to try and suffocate it by stuffing it with magnesium or vitamin C?

In practice: sleep more than usual! Test going to bed thirty minutes or even 2 hours earlier, and observe how you feel after this sleep cure.

2 - Take care of your diet

In winter, we tend to eat more fat and sweeter. To spend the winter well, it is therefore essential to take care of the contents of your plate. I am not suggesting that you ban forever everything that is processed, sweet, salty and/or full of bad fats, but to make occasional gaps. You will appreciate them all the more.

The other good news is that by detoxing from ultra-processed products, you'll relearn how to enjoy the taste of food, without hiding it under tons of sugar/salt/fat.

3 - Supplementing with vitamin D

While most dietary supplements sold in the winter will have no effect on your level of fatigue and morale, there is however supplementation on which it is interesting to consider: the vitamin D. Essential to good bone health and the proper functioning of our immune system, it also helps prevent certain infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Are you sick, exhausted and/or depressed all the time in winter? It is very likely that you are lacking in vitamin D. The idea is to have a regular intake throughout the year, but if it's too expensive, supplementing from October to April is already a good place to start.

4 - Keep a good physical activity

In winter, there is a great temptation to stay on the sofa all day. However, resting does not mean stopping all physical activity! On the contrary, staying in motion will help you get through the winter well, by oxygenating your body and strengthening your heart. A few precautions before exercising: cover yourself sufficiently, warm up well and remember to hydrate.

5 - Stay in touch with nature

In case I haven't heard yet, retreating to a cave is not a good way to get through the winter.

Despite the cold and the rain, staying in touch with nature is very good for your morale. Take advantage of your free time to get some fresh air: gardening, walking in the forest or by the sea, hiking in the mountains.


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