Here is a list of the top 3 American food blogs that you must know about in 2021. This list has been curated for your every need considering the recipes and fitness.

#1. Kitchen Konfidence

Brandon Matzek is the founder of this page, where he does all of the cooking, photography and blogging. He loves challenging himself in the kitchen and encourages other home cooks to do the same. In addition to creating delicious recipes and cooking, his blogs cover his travel guides too. Don’t miss out!

#2. Smitten Kitchen

Debe Perelman is the woman behind this creative blog. Her blog has over 800 recipes covering a wide range of cuisines. She inspires people to create delicious meals through her tutorials involving diverse techniques. She uses those ingredients which can make cooking easily accessible. You can get a variety of recipes from sweet to savoury, which can make your day delightful! Also, she wrote a cookbook, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook which has gained a lot of popularity.

#3. F and B Recipes

It’s such an aesthetic and a wholesome page, where you’d find everything! From delightful yet healthy recipes to scrolling down to wellness blogs, this page talks out about everyday healthy lifestyle. Shristi Patni is the founder of this amazing page where she imparts some valuable insights about the importance of indulging in a healthy diet, by creating delicious recipes. Also, she wrote her first cookbook, 7 salad recipes for every day of the week. Do check this out, if you are looking forward to indulging yourself in living a healthy lifestyle!

The Takeaway

Whether you’re just planning to start your blog or having years of experience under your belt, these bloggers would definitely inspire you to have one! Make sure you go through all of them to get your real inspiration. 

Which American food blog is your favourite and why? Tell us in the comments section below!

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