More media attention was paid to the new all-electric Jeep Avenger even before the first vehicles were delivered to European customers. The Jeep Avenger was selected as the finest family SUV of 2023 by the judges of the Women's World Car of the Year (WWCOTY) awards.

The worldwide jury from 45 different countries finally decided on the 4.08-meter-long B-SUV as the winner of the 13th edition of the award. On making the announcement, Marta Garca, the organization's executive president, remarked, "In its class, the Jeep Avenger deserves to triumph." While it retains the Jeep name and its storied history, the electric drivetrain makes it feel fresh and modern. "In the long run, that's a promise that your clientele will appreciate."

There is no other automotive jury like the Women's World Vehicle of the Year, judged solely by female automotive journalists. Winning automobiles at the World Car of the Year awards are selected for their superiority in their respective categories. Safety, quality, pricing, design, driving comfort, utility, and sustainability are only a few factors the judges consider. The jury's efforts this year were marked by a push to improve industry efficiency and sustainability. The Jeep Avenger's "successful design," "great off-road mobility," and "ecological footprint" won over critics.

According to Christian Meunier, CEO of the Jeep brand, "We are happy and honored that this international jury of motoring writers has selected Jeep's first all-electric SUV as the winner of this prestigious prize." "I appreciate the judges' attention and praise. "A significant part of Jeep's plan to become the market leader in zero-emission SUVs is the Jeep Avenger, which is why it plays such an important role in our worldwide electrification strategy."

The new Jeep Avenger is a subcompact SUV that, at just under four meters in length, competes in Europe's rapidly expanding B-SUV class. It's great for folks who are often on the go and need an SUV but need help to justify a bulky full-size vehicle. The Jeep Avenger is a tiny SUV that packs a lot of Jeep DNA into a small package under its original design and construction as a Jeep.

A new 400-volt electric motor with 115 kW (156 hp) and 260 Nm of torque is paired with a new 54 kWh battery to make an electric drive train that can go up to 400 km in the combined WLTP cycle and more than 550 km in the WLTP city cycle.

In Europe, the Jeep Avenger's debut signals the start of the next chapter of Jeep's electrification, culminating in releasing four fully electric vehicles by 2025. Every new Jeep sold in Europe after 2030 will be an electric model.

In January 2023, the Jeep Avenger, which debuted at the Paris Motor Show 2022, was named "European Car of the Year." Since the order option debuted on December 1, 2022, more than 12,000 automobiles have been sold throughout Europe.


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