Jaguar Land Rover is inviting its worldwide supplier network to agree to the brand's Science-Based Targets-endorsed sustainability goals (SBTi). The target includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 while aiming for carbon dioxide neutrality across the whole value chain by 2039.

Achieving carbon neutrality across the value chain benefits people, customers, and the environment. The commitments of Jaguar Land Rover can only be met through strong collaboration with suppliers. As a result, the company has offered its worldwide Tier 1 network to commit to the established sustainability goal while keeping the same level of product, service, and logistics excellence.

Jaguar Land Rover will require Tier 1 suppliers to develop a future carbon reduction action plan, offer transparent reporting, and demonstrate progress. To meet the brand's sustainability aims, they need, among other things, to publish its carbon dioxide reporting and work closely with its supply chain. Jaguar Land Rover has imposed this obligation on its global supplier network, which covers over 5,000 enterprises.

Jaguar Land Rover is experiencing a dramatic shift due to the announcement of the Reimagine strategy to create sustainable modern luxury electric carsCarbon dioxide emissions in the entire value chain must be decreased by the end of the decade, followed by circular economy concepts, and a transition to a fully electric product line must be implemented.

According to Barbara Bergmeier, Executive Director of Industrial Operations at Jaguar Land Rover, "The driving reasons behind Jaguar Land Rover's plan include meeting our SBTi obligations and attaining carbon neutrality throughout the value chain by 2039." "We can only reach these lofty objectives as a group, which is why we ask all of our suppliers to join us on this tough but exciting journey, as well as improve their current partnerships, for all parties to achieve significant, quantifiable results."

According to Wilhelm Steger, CEO of the ZKW Group, which provides luxury lighting systems to Jaguar Land Rover, "In the global automobile industry, our mission is to pioneer first-class lighting and electronic systems for all mobility concepts." ZKW embarks on a path toward a more sustainable future in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover. We are dedicated to environmental protection and minimizing environmental effects. As a result, we accept responsibility and direct our operations toward the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) to achieve CO2 neutrality by the end of 2025.


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